A brief history

In the autumn of 2013 I got convinced: work as independent! On December 1, 2014, after
preparing my independence and completing my last project with a complete hand over at
Sanquin, Bioprocess Xcellence was founded.

My career started in 2001 in Madrid. While trying to find my last internship abroad, I was
offered my first job at PharmaMar. For three years I dug into purification of antitumor
compounds from fermented broths.

The next three years were dedicated to the purification of viruses at lab scale at Crucell,
including biosafety level 3 work, a technology transfer and GMP.

Next was a cell based flu vaccine factory of Solvay (now Abbott), which had problems
starting up. My experience was extended with working with operators and with automation.

After again three years I moved to services company Yxion and worked as senior process
engineer at two biopharmaceutical clients.

Finally after 4x ~3 years, I found it was time to start my own services company: Bioprocess Xcellence. Why? Well, I consider myself as my own brand.

About my way of work

In origin I might be more of a process/project engineer than a project manager.

Good communication with QA and the final user of the process/installation is very important, from the start of the project.

Measure twice, cut once.


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