New techniques

Continuous processing, periodic countercurrent chromatography (PCC), RNA production lines.

Process development

Unit operation scouting, equipment sizing. Choose and build setups, execute runs, report results. Obtain a process fit for production.

Process engineering

Design specifications, also for automation. Sequence of unit operations, flow diagrams, URS´s, PID´s, instrument lists, fitting in between existing installations, utilities and automation. Creating operating procedures. Extractables and leachables assessments.

Project lead / Commissioning and qualification / CSV

Move between business expectations and expectations of the other departments for realistic project delivery. Plan and test the equipment/installation/automation to prepare for risk based verification. Embed vendor equipment in client network. Prepare verification protocols. Execute and report. Provide training. Follow up punch items.


Depending on the available knowledge and data, an investigation is performed, following typical methods for problem solving. Plan made to solve punch item. If needed, through change control.

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